Eversharp Doric Red Shell Gold Emblem Fountain Pen Box Set

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Eversharp Doric Fountain Pen Pencil Set

– Original red hardcase gift box

– Stunning red shell wine red black veined marble

– Unique features – 12-sides facet with tapered end

– Art-deco gold capband

– Double-tick emblem representing Eversharp lifetime warranty


Up here is a vintage Eversharp DORIC fountain pen and pencil box-set, second generation, which was manufactured in USA circa 1930s.

In 1931 Wahl-Eversharp introduced the fabulous DORIC, which is regarded as the most authentic and recognizable ART DECO vision ever created for a writing instrument. The DORIC’s 12-sided faceted design was patented (US Patent No. D81,742) and still turns heads more than 70 years since its introduction.

The Wahl-eversharp DORIC for your consideration here is a fine example.

It is a complete set, comes with pen and pencil set in a hardcase.

There is a sticker original from Jeweler’s.

Its 12-sided body tapers at both ends, finishing in flattened pyramidal crowns.

The ‘Double-tick’ gold seal emblem represents Eversharp lifetime warranty to the pen.

The pen bears a broad art-deco cap band.

The pen is fitted with a Eversharp 14ct solid gold nib.

The pen bears a lever-filling system; in working condition.

Only there are minor wears due to age. This Eversharp Doric fountain pen is very collectible; with numerous stunning features which is rare and highly sought after.

Around 1914, Charles R. Keeran invented the basic mechanism for the Eversharp mechanical pencil, thought up the “Eversharp” trademark, and set up a company to make and sell Eversharp pencils. He relocated to Evansville. He soon entered into a business alliance with the Wahl Adding Machine Company in Chicago. Wahl officers obtained a majority share in the Eversharp Pencil Company. In 1940, the Wahl company reorganized under the Eversharp name, which was better know in the marketplace because of the continued success of the Eversharp pencil line. The Eversharp repeater pencil, introduced in 1936, was really driving sales and profits for the company, which had fallen far behind Sheaffer and Parker in total sales revenue. The company was sold to Parker in 1957.

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Additional information


Eversharp Doric

Country Manufactured




Capped length

4-3/4 inches

Date Manufactured

Circa 1930s

Filler Type

Lever filler


full functionality and working order, serviced