pastpens.com vintage fountain pen heritage

www.pastpens.com was founded by Dr Cathay Yeung. The interest in vintage pens could be dated back to his doctorate student days in UK. Although the subject of his doctoral dissertation was bio-engineering related (now in the British Library), he was fascinated by the uniqueness, beauty and the underlying history of fountain pens. He has been involved with vintage fountain pens collecting and restoring since then. To share the interest we set up this website www.pastpens.com, selling exclusively online.


We seek to offer you restored vintage fountain pens, originally made with attention to uniqueness and beauty of design. As a collector and dealer in vintage fountain pens we travel extensively in Europe and USA to collect vintage writing instruments of all kinds. On our site we offer approximately 100+ Fountain Pens, of different styles for sale. We update our site weekly. So keep an eye on our site.


100% customer satisfaction is our aim so if you have a special request, just contact us and we will be pleased to help you.


Thank you for visiting us, Enjoy.


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