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Collecting Vintage Pens as Alternative Investments

Alternative investments include asset classes that are not one of the conventional investment types, like stocks, bonds, cash etc. Indeed it is possible for anything to be an investment, ranged from real estates, cryptocurrency Bitcoins, arts, jewelry and more.

Some people collects due to personal interests, and the collections eventually increase in values as an bonus. The fact is that investing in collectibles requires special understanding of the field. The price depends on various factors, including the authenticity, rarity, condition, ages and more to name. And the liquitity is also limited. It can’t be converted into cash easily.

Nevertheless, it is a valuable opportunity to invest in collectibles. It is certain that collectibles would surely appreciate over time. Just like Bitcoin, the quantity of collectibles (especially the ones in prestine condition) is reducing and hence increase its rarity and value eventually.

The collectible spectrum holds many affordable options and vintage fountain pens is a good example. For beginners, we recommend to start with large brand like Parker and Waterman’s

Parker 51 – “the most wanted pen”, launched in 1941, is one of the most successful pens ever produced, and is truly recognizable throughout the world. You can still use a Parker 51 today on daily writing as well. 

Like all other collectables, the condition is everything. The value for items in particular good, near mint, never used condition is guaranteed. This is also a very good start to collect “new old stock” condition vintage pens.