Waterman IDEAL Patricia Moss Agate Mosaic Fountain Pen


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– Waterman IDEAL Patricia

– Lady Patrician

– Stunning moss agate mosaic marble

– Art-deco gold trim – capband & pocket clip with Gold Flat Captop

– Executive

Waterman IDEAL 55 pen – Up here is a vintage Waterman IDEAL Patricia Moss Agate fountain pen, which was manufactured in USA circa 1910s.

Up here is a vintage Waterman Ideal Patricia, or lady Patrician fountain pen, which was manufactured in USA circa 1934.

This Waterman’s is a fine example, in eye-catching gergeous rare GREEN GOLD moss agate mosaic patterning, with ART DECO CAP BAND & POCKET CLIP. This color is one of the the highest sought after colors among Patrician series.

The pen is in nice condition, only showing minor wear over the body.

It bears a Waterman’s 14ct gold nib, semi-flexible, writing smooth medium line.

A new sac has been fitted. The filling system is in good working order. The pen has been restored and tested for full functionality.

Waterman began its conversion from hard rubber to celluloid in 1929 with the introduction of the Patrician, pen of classic art deco design. The delayed switch to plastic, together with other reasons, caused Waterman lost ground slowly during the depression years of the 1930s.

Patrician offered during the period was a marketing failure, and thus making Patrician one of the rarest and most avidly-sought pens now. Most of the parts on these pens are unique to this line of pens. This makes this Patrician even more collectible, as in such an excellent condition.

The pen has been serviced and tested for full functionality. This Waterman’s is a classic elegance and has been produced to the highest standards of craftsmanship. This would make an excellent gift to treat yourself or for someone special.

The Waterman Pen Company was established in 1883 in New York City by Lewis Waterman. Waterman’s improvement on basic pen design and aggressive marketing played a vital role in making the fountain pen a mass-market object. The essential novelty of Waterman’s first fountain pens was the feed, for which his first pen-related patent was granted in 1884. By 1899, Lewis Waterman opened a factory in Montreal was was offering a variety of designs.

Waterman’s opened subsidiaries in Europe to meet international demand. A Waterman Fountain pen won the Medal of Excellence at the 1900 Paris World Exposition. In 1901, upon Waterman’s death, his nephew took the business overseas and increased sales to 350,000 pens per year.

Waterman’s fountain pen was extremely desirable. The Treaty of Versailles was signed using a solid gold Waterman pen, by Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

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Waterman Patrician

Country Manufactured




Capped length

4-1/4 inches

Date Manufactured

Circa 1930s

Filler Type

Lever filler


full functionality and working order, serviced