Parker Duofold Jr Lucky Curve First Year Mandarin Yellow Fountain Pen


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Up here for auction is a vintage Parker Duofold Button Filler fountain pen, which was manufactured Pre-War in USA circa 1920s. The Parker Duofold is one of the most recognizable and enduring fountain pen designs. Launched in 1921, the pen was a phenomenal success and put the Parker Pen Company squarely into the front rank of fountain pen manufacturers. Duofold remain popular in Europe being produced well into the 60s in varying sizes and colors when it was revived in the 80’s once again as  Parker’s Flagship model. This Parker Duofold is a fine example, in stunning, rare and most sought after MADARIN YELLOW. The pen is in excellent condition, without scretches, dings, dents and cracks all over the body. It is also ULTRA RARE FIRST YEAR EDITION, only produced at early stage for a very short period of time, with yellow screw thread. Parker later replaced the model with black thread due to crack problem. The intact excellent condition of this pen even make it highly collectible. The imprint on the barrel is nice. It bears a Parker solid 14ct gold nib. The Parker Duofold has a button filling system, which is particularly simple and elegant filling method – the end of the pen unscrews revealing a button which is depressed while the nib is immersed in ink. The pen has been serviced and tested for full functionality. Only there is a short hairline crack on the caplip repaired barely noticeable. This pen is rare and very much sought after, of such a vintage  pen in good condition. Ownership of pen with the history and prestige of the Parker Duofold, will provide the owner with a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of cermony each time that they write

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Capped length

4-1/2 inches

Date Manufactured

Circa 1910s

Filler Type

Button filler


full functionality and working order, serviced


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