Parker 61 First Edition Rainbow Gold Turquoise Fountain Pen

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Parker 61 first edition fountain pen and ink pencil set

– first edition emblem on cap

– Stunning rainbow gold 16K gold filled cap

– Stunning turquoise body

– Double jewel / twin tassie

– Capillary filler


Up here is a vintage Parker “61” DELUXE fountain pen and ink pen set, which was manufactured in USA circa 1960s.

This Parker “61” is special, ‘FIRST EDITION’ with an emblem on the front of the cap.

The pen is in 16kt gold filled cap, in stunning gold rainbow pattern, ding-free in excellent condition. The body is in stunning turquoise color, very eye catching.

The pen bears double jewel / twin tassie, DOUBLE SILVERY GREY JEWEL STONE.

The metal arrow, which is inlaid into the shell just behind the nib, is in intact condition.

The pen bears a capillary filling system. 

The Parker advertising campaign for the 1956 Christmas season likens the revolutionary 61 to a pen from Outer Space, was very much on the mind of the American public at that time. This Parker “61” has a classic elegance and has been produced to the highest standards of craftsmanship, technology and aesthetics. The pen has been fully serviced. This is rare and very much sought after, of such a collectible and vintage pen in excellent condition.

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Additional information


Parker 61

Country Manufactured



gold, turquoise

Capped length

5-5/8 inches

Date Manufactured

Circa 1960s

Filler Type

Capillary filler


full functionality and working order